About Top Shelf Replicas

We are a small, independent manufacturer of die cast collectibles. Our focus is items found in the trucking industry, along with items found in the agricultural industry.

If you have something you would like to have a miniature replica produced of, please let us know. We will be more than happy to give you a quote on custom tooling. We have many production methods available, so we can produce that high detailed model for which you are looking.

Alan Chesnut, the founder and owner of Top Shelf Replicas, has been involved in the toy business for quite some time.  At the young age of 12, he started modifying farm toys for his own collection.  His interest grew and throughout his high school and college years he repaired toys, modified toys, and started building toys from scratch, mainly for display and model contests and his farm diorama.

After graduation from the University of Illinois, Alan became interested in the business partly by accident.  He attended a toy show trying to sell display cases.  He took along some of the toys he had modified to place in the display.  People were more interested in the toys than they were the display cases, so he started selling the toys.  Friends were made and his business grew.  He began attending many toy shows all over the Midwest.

As the years passed, his business expanded from selling just farm toys to selling model trucks as well.  The model trucks lead to production runs where he was able to become acquainted with many more people and become a distributor.  As the business grew still, friends and buyers started asking for products that were not yet produced.  This is when the idea for Top Shelf Replicas was born.

At Top Shelf Replicas, we want to keep the personal connection alive and remain both friendly and professional while working with our customers to fill their needs.

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